Civil law Notary

Draffing Legal Instruments, Authentication of Legal Instruments and Public Repository of Legal Instruments

Because the civil notary is an attorney, he or she can render legal services in connection with any transaction for which the civil notary is performing the notarial function. However, unlike the common law system in the U.S., the civil law notary is expressly authorized by law to represent the transaction rather than a particular party to the transaction. However, the civil law notary is prohibited from acting as both notary and advocate for a party to the transaction. If the civil law notary drafts the relevant legal document, he or she must make sure that the legal instrument accurately represents the intent of the parties, that the parties understand the legal nature and effect of the instrument and that the legal instrument complies with applicable law. In complex transactions, the parties may each be represented by an attorney and the attorneys work with the civil law notary to draft the legal instrument.

International Civil Law Notary

International Civil Law Notary (also known as an International Notary, a Juridico or Juridical Notary Public outside the United States). The law firm has maintained a concentration of practice in the International Law field for over 30 years. The majority of the practice is transactional in nature and offers services through its offices and affiliate offices in several areas of the world. International contracts, divorce and custody proceedings, purchases, sales, and negotiations worldwide, we can provide counsel domestically and abroad. The firm advises on legal and contractual issues dealing with OFAC (Oftice of Foreign Asset Control) in restricted countries. Mr. Gore is past Chair of the International Law Section of the Florida Bar.


Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Simple Wills – Complex Wills

Testamentary Trusts – Living Trusts

Estate plans to minimize Federal Estate taxes

Powers of Attorney – Health Care Designation

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Will Contests


Undue Influence


Attorney Laurence D. Gore, Esq. Arbitrator, is very selective in the cases the law firm accepts. Conducting a screening process to determine the initial strengths and weaknesses of each case before pursuing a matter through arbitration. The firm accepts cases from around the country and from around the world. Laurence D. Gore & Assoc. PA is associated with a network of other highly qualified securities arbitration litigators throughout the country.


We assist with selection and formation of business entities. Florida law has many options including corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Incorporation – Dissolution of Corporation

Real Estate

Our practice includes all areas of real estate. From environmental, zoning, and land use issues for a new development to do to the entirely closing of your new home. WE have an associated Title Company, and this allows us to assure our clients that title to the property is suitable. Buying real estate is a complicated business. There are complex legal and title issues, plus a whole new vocabulary of unfamiliar terms to deal with. Your real estate attorney can look out for your interests, ensure that you get a clear title to your new property, as well as help you protect your investment for the future. Legal advice offers you something the average home buyer really needs, and usually lacks: knowledge of the subtleties and peculiarities of real estate law and the transfer of property rights and title.

Travel and Tourism Law

The law firm of Laurence D. Gore & Associates P.A. is a top internationally recognized firm in the practice of Travel and Tourism Law. The firm represents numerous travel agencies and tour companies both small and large. Laurence Gore is the Secretary of IFTTA (International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates) and former chair of IFTTA North America and chair of the Travel Law Committee of the Florida Bar, International Law Section. The firm is experienced in numerous tourism law matters from passenger rights to the purchase and sale of travel agencies. The law firm offers asset protection planning for travel agencies and tour companies. The firm advises clients on licensing matters for travel suppliers and charter services including OFAC (The U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control) registrations in restricted countries.